Rush Limbaugh: Andrea Mitchell can’t hurt Trump; that’s the point.

“See, that’s the thing.  Whatever he did, what did he do?  I’ve forgotten.  What, did he get naked and take pictures of — that’s right.  He took pictures of Mt. McKinley out there, put them all over the — well, I’m just joking.  It wasn’t McKinley.  That’s right, exactly, it was like a concave moon crater.  Anyway, he put these pictures out there, and Andrew Breitbart, they tried to smear Andrew Breitbart with all this, and Breitbart put it all to bed and made it right.  Apparently, Andrea Mitchell is not upset with what Weiner did, she’s upset with the way Trump has properly characterized it…”


Mark Levin explains how Republicans should RESPOND to Obama’s drivel about gun control

Today Obama gave a statement in regard to the horrible shooting of a local TV reporter and her cameraman this morning in Roanoke, saying “what we know is that the number of people who die from gun related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism.

Levin, responding to this statement tonight, said that every time some peice of crap kills innocent people, Democrats want to round up the weapons!

He’s right, it happens every time there’s a shooting and well before we know any of the facts.

Levin wants to know why we can’t have Republicans out there who respond to this drivel like this, saying there is a way to reduce gun violence and it’s called law and order! Levin says we should back the cops rather than undermine them, appoint solid law and order judges and throw the book at criminals! That’s how Republicans should respond!

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Ben Carson: Protecting Innocent Life, Health Care

Protecting Innocent Life

“I am unabashedly and entirely pro-life. Human life begins at conception and innocent life must be protected.

As a pediatric neurosurgeon, I took the Hippocratic Oath to “First, Do No Harm.” My medical career was devoted to protecting and enhancing the lives of children and their families. Protecting innocent life is a duty consistent with that solemn oath.

As a surgeon, I have operated on infants pre-birth. I can assure you that they are very much alive.

My commitment to protect innocent life goes back decades. For years I have helped raise money for a wide spectrum of faith-based entities that assist expectant mothers with the birth of their child by providing a variety of valuable, pro-life services.”


Health Care

“ObamaCare is a looming disaster.

We didn’t need the monstrosity of the $1.2 trillion Affordable Care Act. Even after it is fully implemented for 10 years, 23 million people still won’t have any health insurance.

We need to re-establish a strong and direct relationship between patients and their physicians. For instance, I strongly support Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) which empower families to make their own decisions about their medical treatment. HSAs will also drive down health care costs while protecting patient choice and freedom.

More freedom and less government in our health care system will mean lower costs, more access, and continued innovation.”


Pollsters dumbfounded by Trump

Polling experts agree on one thing when it comes to Donald Trump’s presidential run: They’ve never seen anything like it.

The billionaire businessman’s dominance of the Republican presidential race is forcing experienced political hands to question whether everything they know about winning the White House is wrong.

The shocks have come in quick succession, with Trump first rocketing to the top of national polls, and then taking double-digit leads in the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.
In another act of political magic, Trump managed to flip his favorability rating from negative to positive in one poll during the span of a month — a feat that Monmouth University’s Patrick Murray called “astounding.”

“That defies any rule in presidential politics that I’ve ever seen,” Murray, the director Monmouth’s Polling Institute, told The Hill.

Trump’s favorability rose from 20 percent to 52 percent among Republican voters between July and August, Monmouth found.

While a later CNN/ORC Poll did not find a similar shift in Trump’s favorability, the Monmouth data was yet another sign that he is a candidate to be reckoned with.

“Throw out the rulebook when it comes to Trump, that’s not even in the parameters of what we see as unusual,” Murray insisted.

Trump’s dominance of the race has flustered the Republican field, with many of the candidates trying their best to bring him back to earth.

But as the attacks on Trump have intensified, so has his level of support.

Polls released on Tuesday show Trump lapping the field in New Hampshire, where he leads his nearest Republican rival by 24 percentage points. The story is the same in South Carolina, where the latest poll gave him a 15-point edge.

While political scientists and other experts continue to insist Trump will not win the Republican nomination, he’s converted at least one high-profile skeptic.

GOP pollster Frank Luntz had dismissed Trump from the start, and declared after the first presidential debate that his campaign was doomed.

But after convening a focus group on Monday evening, in which Trump supporters showed an unflappable allegiance, Luntz changed his tune.

“This is real. I’m having trouble processing,” he said, according to Time…

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Ann Coulter Introduces Donald Trump at Iowa Speech 8/25/2015

Ann Coulter, the best-selling author of Adios, America, introduced Trump. Coulter backed up Trump on the issue of deporting immigrants, even the ones with “anchor babies.” She mocked the liberal media for considering that a controversial statement and calling them “speech Nazis.”

She expressed her gratefulness to Trump that the media is actually talking about this issue and sanctuary cities and the border wall (“I love the idea of the Great Wall of Trump”), and declared, “I have not had this much hope for America since November 7th, 2012.”

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