Trump Doubles Down: ‘No Moral Obligation’ to Defend Obama’s Faith

Donald Trump Speech at Faith and Freedom Rally Iowa 9/19/15

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump doubled down on what he had conveyed through media reports and his Twitter account about being obligated to defend President Barack Obama’s faith after fielding a loaded question from an attendee at a rally in New Hampshire regarding a “Muslim” problem in the United States and Obama being part of it.

Rick Santorum: ‘The President doesn’t need me to defend him, he’s got you doing that very well’

The mainstream media is in a full feeding frenzy like starving sharks pumped full of steroids and bathsalts over Trump’s reaction to a man calling Obama a Muslim. But when they tried to get Santorum to attack Trump, he gave the most awesome response Rick Santorum give. Ted Cruz refused to play the media’s game as well.

Iran Deal: Yes, Obama Is Using Antisemitism

Obama knows what he is doing.

He is not hiding it–he is not blowing a “dog whistle.” Rather, he is making a clear (and familiar) case that he is the victim of an organized conspiracy–not to arouse hatred, but to rally his base (including loyal, left-wing Jews) to his defense.

That is not incitement, but it relies on antisemitism nonetheless.

And that matters, not because it disqualifies Obama’s views from debate, but because it confirms he has not really reckoned with the nature of the enemy with whom he is dealing, for whom hating Jews is more than a marginal commitment.


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Rush Limbaugh: The Media Declares Trumpmania Over

RUSH:  I think one thing that’s become obvious during the campaign is that the news media try to pick our candidates long before even the first primary vote is cast.  And that’s just not new.  I say it’s becoming more and more obvious here.  And you can watch it here in the aftermath of all of these debates.  The donor class sometimes is in harmony with the media; sometimes they’re not.  This case is more harmony than not.  But the way the media does it is with their coverage, fawning or negative pieces.

And of course, they do it via their polls, never forget that, which are often the result of their fawning or negative coverage so that the coverage feeds the poll result that they want to get.  And we are witnessing this in the current GOP race.  The coverage of Carly Fiorina being the latest example.  It is more than obvious that the Drive-Bys and the rest of the ruling class inside the Beltway have decided based on Wednesday night that Carly Fiorina now represents the best chance to knock off Trump.

That is the overarching objective.  And they’d hoped Jeb was gonna be able to do it.  They wanted Jeb, the donors did; then they tried the news media to do it. That hasn’t quite worked. So now it’s Fiorina.  It’s not that they love Carly.  Do not misunderstand this.  See, this is the mistake that everybody makes on our side.  One of the tricks here is when the media goes gushing about somebody, a lot of unsuspecting Republican say:

“Wait, wait! The media likes one of ours? Maybe she can actually win! Oh, my God!” Because so many on our side still — despite their best instincts, still — crave media approval.  Remember that dinner party of my own that I walked out of, because I had some guests there telling me they were ready to throw Palin overboard because the media hated her?  Same thing here in reverse.  Now we’ve got people saying, “Wow, Carly! Hey, the media loves her! Hey, man, she may be the ticket,” and that’s how it goes.

The media is very much aware of this…


Post-Debate Poll: Trump Increases Lead; Fiorina Leaps, Carson Sinks


A Morning Consult poll, released Friday, surveyed 504 registered voters who watched Wednesday’s Republican primary debate and has only good news for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina. While the poll’s sample size is small (with a 4.4% margin of error), the poll’s trend is worth noting.

In this same poll, prior to Wednesday night’s debate, Trump sat at 33% support. Dr. Ben Carson sat in second place with 17% support. Today Trump enjoys 36% support. Carson is still in second place but with just 12% support.

Trump’s lead increased from +16 points to  +24%. That’s an +8% jump.

With their shared status as outsiders, it appears as though Carson’s support went to Fiorina. Prior to the debate the former-Hewlett Packard CEO had just 3% support. She now sits in third place with 10%, only -2 points behind second place Carson.

Overall, the Republican Establishment is the Big Loser here. Non-politicians Trump, Carson and Fiorina command 58% of the vote, and that piece of the pie is only growing larger.


Mark Levin: 5 Takeaways from Last Night’s Debate

1. CNN’s format was awful. The entire effort was intended to instigate fights between and among the candidates. They wanted a brawl. The early part of the debate was the worst — right out of the box, piling on Donald Trump. Like Trump or not, this is a Republican debate. As I’ve been saying for a while, when will the RNC stop turning over the GOP debates to the media? I find these debate formats demeaning of the candidates and not particularly informative.

2. Twice now Ted Cruz was treated as a third-tier candidate. He received very little time and was rarely called on. Moreover, when he tried to speak as a”skeptic” during the discussion about global warming – where Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, and Chris Christie apparently accepted the supposed “science” of global warming — Jake Tapper rudely cut him off. When Cruz had about 60 uninterrupted seconds or so to address the Iran deal debacle, he was superb. Same with the Supreme Court. There appears to be a pattern in these debate to marginalize him. Unfortunately, given the nature of these debates, he needs to become a bit more aggressive in pushing his way into the discussions.

3. Tapper repeatedly sought a fight between Jeb Bush and Trump, which is why they wound up using more time than most of the other candidates. Did we learn anything from most of it? No.

4. Going in, I believe the establishment media were poised to declare Carly Fiorina a victor over Trump and most of the field as she has become one of the establishment favorites.  The indications were everywhere. In fact, most of the same voices and writers who opposed Trump and before him Cruz are singing her praises today.  They are no longer concerned about lack of governing background of an outsider or flip-flopping, etc.  I remember in the 2010 GOP Senate primary race in California she staked out the moderate Republican position against State Representative Chuck DeVore. She didn’t sound like a traditional, Reagan conservative back then. And her response to the birthright citizenship questions were wrong and jumbled. In fact, Trump has a superior understanding of the issue. Rand Paul reluctantly had to agreed. And in that Senate campaign, Fiorina mocked Barbara Boxer’s looks (understandable), a fact ignored by Tapper last night.  Why?  The audio is public. Finally, her record as a corporate CEO is mixed. But do not expect it to be scrutinized by her cheerleaders in and out of the media. But the Democrats won’t ignore it. Let me be clear: I have nothing against Fiorina, but there’s reason to be at least a little skeptical.

5. I thought Chris Christie did pretty well. He’s a good debater. But the problem is that his record belies much of his more recent conservative rhetoric and positions. Mike Huckabee always scores some solid points but, again, his record is shoddy (e.g., he supported virtually every GOP establishment candidate in recent Senate primary races).  I remain perplexed as to why John Kasich belatedly jumped into the race. He has become more liberal than GOP primary voters and there were already a number of establishment candidates in the race. I like Ben Carson very much; however, his position on the minimum wage was not particularly strong. And his delivery is, sadly, problematic. There’s a middle ground between loudly provocative and speaking in such quiet tones. That said, I personally like him very much. Rand Paul did much better this time around in staking out his more libertarian views. But, again, his attack-dog tactics against Trump don’t help him.  Scott Walker is a solid conservative with a record to prove it. He did better in this debate but he doesn’t shine in these debate formats.  Conversely, Marco Rubio does well in these debate formats. And he is solid on a number of issues. However, for many it is difficult to get past his varying positions on immigration, which is an overriding issue for many conservatives. Jeb Bush did better in this debate as well, but he is still under-performing. In fact, many in the establishment media who were touting Bush are today cheerleaders for Fiorina. Had Bush scored well they’d be touting him. If his name was not Bush, he would have been in the earlier debate yesterday. Finally, Trump came under an early withering assault, which was the game plan of both CNN and several of the other candidates. For the most part, he withstood the attacks. I may be in the minority but I thought he bested Fiorina on their back-and-forth about business acumen and birthright citizenship. In any event, he did no harm. And for a front runner, at least for now, that’s a good enough night.


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