Ted Cruz, in New List of Endorsements, Includes Lawmaker Who Didn’t Endorse Him

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Ted Cruz announced on Sunday the endorsements of six state representatives who had previously supported Rand Paul.

At least one representative was surprised to see his name.

The representative, J.R. Hoell, had met with Mr. Cruz, senator from Texas, on Friday, he said. “I made it clear I could not support him,” Mr. Hoell said in a phone interview on Sunday evening, citing Mr. Cruz’s foreign policy positions.

But Mr. Hoell added that he had given the campaign permission to publish narrow praise from him, relating to Mr. Cruz’s work on Second Amendment rights.

Instead, a news release from the campaign and an article from the New Hampshire Union Leader identified Mr. Hoell as a full-fledged supporter. In fact, the release included quotations from only Mr. Cruz and Mr. Hoell.

“I stand with Gun Owners of America and agree that Cruz is our remaining best shot at electing a president to protect the rights of the gun owners of our great nation,” Mr. Hoell said in the statement provided by the campaign.

But he said he had been explicit with Mr. Cruz and his team that his praise did not imply complete support.

“It’s just frustrating. That should never have happened,” Mr. Hoell said. “It looks like a full-blown endorsement.”

He said he planned to vote for Mr. Paul, senator from Kentucky, despite his exit from the race this week.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Cruz, Catherine Frazier, said the campaign took responsibility for the error.

“We are thankful for Rep. Hoell’s very positive comments about Senator Cruz and mistakenly took them as an official endorsement,” she said. “That was our error, but we remain committed to the common goal of standing firmly in defense of the 2nd Amendment.”

The Cruz campaign has aggressively courted former Paul supporters, viewing support among libertarian-leaning voters as critical to its path in New Hampshire and beyond.

But Mr. Cruz’s political team has faced scrutiny recently for its tactics. Iowa’s secretary of state criticized the campaign for sending mailers warning residents of a “voter violation,” calling them misleading. And Mr. Cruz drew the ire of one of his rivals, Ben Carson, for suggesting to Iowa caucusgoers on Monday that Mr. Carson planned to stop campaigning after the vote, citing a report from a CNN reporter. He has apologized to Mr. Carson for not later clarifying that Mr. Carson was not leaving the race.


Cruz is digging himself deeper and deeper lying about Trump

“Trump still winning despite Cruz’s poor attempt and inadvertently insulting all New Yorkers / Yankees. Cruz fucked up and is still back peddling instead of moving forward. The bigger problem is the Dems bringing up the citizenship crap. Republicans failed to make it stick with Obama – Dems have more media power to make it a problem for Cruz.
Plus Cruz is not that far from “NY Values” when his wife worked for Goldman Sachs. Cruz loves those NY $$$.
Bad move by Cruz. Trump still winning.
If either Trump or Cruz makes it to the White House, America wins. Trump has the much better shot in the general election.
Trump / Wall 2016 – SCREW the GOP!”

“Hey don’t worry about it. Cruz and Rubio are getting sued by some birthers. They’ll both be disqualified by some lib judges and then we get to pop some corn and watch Trump put on his cape and try to debate the murdering ice queen who hasn’t been so much as bruised by any lawyer or court for her deeds. I hope he’s the hero you feel he is.

God help us. Seriously.”

“This is just another facet of the flawed Cruz diamond. He opened himself up to withering scrutiny with his lawyerly non-apology apology. This man is already dead politically from 2 verbal kill shots: Canadian dual citizenship, FEC campaign finance disclosures “mistakes”. The New York statements are just keeping Cruz in the spotlight to marinate and sow the seeds of doubt in people who may have been leaning to him and to educate people about Cruz’s background they would not have known.”

Donald Trump’s website: Positions


Trump website has an excellent tab named “Positions.” It blows away any mere sound-bites and makes an excellent case for what is needed in our country going forward. Why can’t the Trump campaign find some way to get those “positions” published somehow, in places where “average voters” can see and read them (not in a book)? If those detailed positions were more well known, Mr. Trump would be unstoppable with votes coming from Republicans as well as Democrats and Independents.



Man claiming to be Marine says Clinton tried to ‘cover’ up Benghazi removed from campaign rally


A man was removed Friday by police officers from a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in South Carolina, after raising questions with husband and former President Bill Clinton about his wife’s role in the Benghazi terror attacks.

“Four (Americans) were killed and your wife is trying to cover it up,” said the protester, who said he’s a Marine sergeant and eight-year, active-duty veteran.

Hillary Clinton was secretary of state during the Sept. 11, 2012 terror attacks on a U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya, in which U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed.

Families of the victims say Clinton told them in the immediate aftermath of the attacks that the strikes were inspired by an online, anti-Islamic video. Clinton’s emails show she knew within hours of the strikes that they were terror related.

“I heard you,” Bill Clinton said at the rally in Bluffton, S.C., in an effort to respond to the protestor, over cheer and boos and before sheriff deputies removed him. “You listen to me now.”

Clinton is the Democratic frontrunner in the race, leading primary challenger Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by double digits in national polls and in South Carolina, which on Saturday is holding its Democratic primary.

However, polls show voters still have deep concerns about Clinton’s trustworthiness over such issues as Benghazi and her uses as secretary of state of a private email server for official correspondence.

Emails from Steven in the months before that attacks show that the State Department, which Clinton ran from 2011 to 2013, didn’t response to his request for better security at the outpost.

Clinton needs “to take responsibility for dropping the ball,” the Marine told the Island Packet/Beaufort Gazette outside the venue, after being removed. “The fact that she is not in prison now is mind-blowing.”


Trump leads post-debate online polls

Donald Trump was the resounding winner of Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate in Houston, according to two online surveys.

According to a Drudge Report survey that has attracted more than 120,000 votes, 63.8 percent said Trump won the debate, followed Ted Cruz, at 17.9 percent, Marco Rubio, at 12.8 percent, John Kasich, at 3.6 percent, and Ben Carson, at 2 percent.

A Time magazine online poll of 17,000 people found the billionaire businessman taking 71 percent, followed by Rubio, at 18 percent, Kasich, at 6 percent, Cruz, at 4 percent, and Carson, at 2 percent.

Trump has mopped up in most of the post-debate online polling this cycle.

The surveys aren’t scientific but can gauge online enthusiasm for the candidates.




Facebook: What do people think about Trump?


“I’ve been thinking a lot about Donald Trump, people say that he doesn’t have a platform, that he just wants to make America great again. I have something to say about that, Donald Trump is not telling you his plan he’s giving you an outline. Why? Every time he brought something to the table, the other candidates take it and run. Such as immigration, the wall and other issues. I can guarantee you that he won’t give you his full plans in detail until he’s standing at the podium next to one of the Democrats. That is when he will reveal everything. He doesn’t need to do that now. Donald Trump is a visionary. He doesn’t go into business without a strategy, and a form of negotiation already set. This man is prepared in business and it will be prepared when the time is right in a debate. He is a brilliant man, and he will not reveal his hand. He doesn’t have to, he has his supporters. They believe in him, they know he could be the commander in chief and lead this country in the right direction. As far as foreign policy, you say he lacks. What I say is he knows the economy, he knows the about taxes, trade, laws, foreign values, he knows that inside and out because he’s dealt with them for so many years. Now if he hadn’t been good with dealing with the foreign market, he wouldn’t be the billionaire that he is now. He is a international brand. He knows leaders and foreign dignitaries. He is an economic genius with the skills to make this country great again. By bringing businesses back into this country and creating jobs. This will only help our economy. He would protect the United States from those who want to do us harm. He loves this country, and will do what he has to do to protect it. HE IS bold and brash, he says what he means and means what he says, and that is what we like about him so much. He will be a tough negotiator and our allies will know where he stands at all times. They know his word will mean something, and so will our enemies. This is a brilliant man who has focus and he is pragmatic. He knows how to solve problems quickly. He will surround himself with the best of the best in all branches of the government. You will not see our soldiers kneeling at the feet of Iranian, nor will you see Isis take over the world. You haven’t seen the guy work yet. All you’ve seen is a businessman turned politician before your eyes. His supporters are standing shoulder to shoulder with him and will not sway. Lobbyist and special interest groups will no longer be able to line that pockets of our Congress and Senate. Because when they do, the Senators and congressmen will pass a bills and legislation and it will be a conflict of interest to the United States. No more will you have super PACs running this country. The media can ridicule Donald Trump and his supporters all they want, But we are digging in our heels. We will not be deterred. The fact of the matter is, you think Americans are stupid. But we are the backbone of this country. Americans will determine the vote, not the special special intetest groups or the lobbiests. They will finally understand clearly. Our voices will be heard. We will support our troops and build up our military and take care of our vets. Because this administration has not had their backs, nor have they listened to our top military leaders. No longer will our military hands be tied. He will secure our borders and revamp our visa program. He will do everything in his power to keep American safe. He will call our enemies by name, radicals jihadist. There will no longer be political correctness, for it is destroying our country and dividing us. Americans are finally pulling together as one, United we stand, shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump.”

Almost 90,000 dangerous illegal immigrants go free

Nearly 60 percent of illegal immigrants identified by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement as criminal threats are not deported and are eventually released, the latest example of the Obama administration’s failed immigration policy.

Internal ICE figures show that in fiscal 2015, the agency encountered 152,393 illegal immigrants labeled a criminal threat, mostly in jails, but charged 64,116. About another 88,000 were not processed for deportation, according to the Center for Immigration Studies’ Jessica Vaughan.

The numbers are even worse for those who ICE asks local police and sheriffs to detain but never collect.

Under Obama’s recently announced Priority Enforcement Program, officials work with local police to arrest and deport criminal immigrants. In reality, that amounts to a phone call from ICE requesting local authorities hold the suspect for 48 hours after they’re set to be freed.

But several sheriffs from around the country say that just 35-40 percent of those held are ever seized by ICE, even after they’ve been released.

Richard W. Stanek, sheriff of Hennepin County in Minneapolis, said he had 75 illegals ICE wanted, but the agency only picked up about 35 percent. “And these are people that they want,” he told the Washington Examiner.

Susan Benton, sheriff of Florida’s Highlands County, said “mine would be much much lower.” Worse, she added, many are seized and sent to a federal facility in Miami and immediately released and return to her county.

It’s become a huge issue for local police. Benton said she wants to help ICE and hold illegal immigrants longer, but can’t legally. Often the result is more crime from the suspect and questions about why her department’s jail frees them.

“We’re the bad guys, we’re the ones CNN is on saying, ‘That sheriff left that killer out.'”

David J. Mahoney, sheriff of Dane County in Madison, Wis., said departments are less likely to comply with ICE requests because of the legal issues and a lack of support from the federal government.

“It’s kind of a, ‘Do me a favor and hold them for 48 hours or more.’ When in fact there is no legal standing to do that. ICE says ‘hold ’em, but we won’t defend you if you get sued.'”

Liberal Democrat warns TPP could end auto industry

The controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal between the U.S. and 11 other nations could spark a new wave of U.S. auto and auto parts makers fleeing to Mexico, a leading Democratic trade expert in the House is warning.

According to Michigan Rep. Sandy Levin, the result would be that Americans eventually may be forced to buy “TPP cars or trucks,” assembled in Mexico and largely made of Chinese parts.

Levin, the top Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee, came out in opposition to the deal last week. He said it includes no demands that Mexico let workers unionize or that it increase automaker wages above the $8-an-hour average.

His worry is that many more automakers will flee to cheaper Mexico, one of the countries in the trade pact. Levin said one Detroit company told him that closing a U.S. plant saves $300 million.

He’s also upset that the Obama trade deal would open the door to China flooding the car parts industry, resulting in cars built in Mexico with mostly Chinese parts, which are cheaper. The U.S. is the biggest importer of Mexican-made cars.

If the deal succeeds, Levin said every car from Mexico should come with this notice: “This model comes with job loss as standard equipment.”

Wage gap: ‘Average’ CEO salary less than one Hillary speech

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton’s charge that corporate CEOs earn 300 times more than their workers isn’t just wrong. It hides another very real wage gap: She earns more in just one speech than the average American CEO in a year.

Mark J. Perry, a University of Michigan professor and author of the American Enterprise Institute’s popular Carpe Diem blog, did the fact-checking of Clinton’s numbers and came up with that result.

The average CEO, using Bureau of Labor Statistics figures, makes $216,100. On the stump, Clinton’s agent, the Harry Walker Agency Inc., charged $275,000 a speech and packaged three for Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs at $675,000.

Perry used the BLS average salary for all CEOs, not just the top ones Clinton likes to cite. He also found that the average worker salary is $48,920, about what it was in 2009. That translates into an apples-to-apples wage gap of 4.4-to-1.


ICE Officer to Rubio: ‘You Lied to American Public on FOX News,’ Challenges Him to Meet


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council President Chris Crane is issuing a challenge to Sen. Marco Rubio following Rubio’s attack on the officer. In an email to Rubio’s campaign — an exclusive copy of which is being provided to Breitbart News — Crane challenges Rubio to meet so that ICE Officer Crane can present Rubio with his badge and his credentials.
Crane represents America’s ICE officers and is an ICE officer himself.

“You recently lied to the American public on FOX news regarding my current status and career as both an ICE Agent and Officer,” Crane writes in his email to Rubio. “I challenge you to make yourself available, as a United States Senator and Presidential Candidate, so that I may present my badge and credentials to you as proof that your comments on FOX news are false.”

Following Crane’s detailed account published last week of how law enforcement was treated “like absolute trash” by Sen. Rubio during efforts to enact his donor-backed amnesty and mass immigration bill through the Senate, Rubio appeared on national television and denounced ICE Officer Crane and his service to the nation.

“He’s not an ICE official. He’s the head of a union,” Rubio told Neil Cavuto. Rubio said he would not address Crane’s accusations because they were published by Breitbart News — suggesting that Crane was a “conspiracy” theorist. “I literally don’t talk about the things they [i.e. Breitbart News] report because they’re basically conspiracy theories and often times manipulated. And that individual is not an ICE official, he’s the head of a union,” Rubio said.

Breitbart News published the full and unedited transcript of Chris Crane’s responses, in which Crane said that Rubio “absolutely knowingly misle[d] the American people” about his Gang of Eight bill, and that “violent street gangs were literally able to lobby Sen. Rubio and the Gang of Eight more effectively than law enforcement.”

Chris Crane has served his nation as an ICE officer for 13 years. He is also a former U.S. Marine, a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and a lifetime member of the American Legion. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) described Crane as “an American hero” for blowing the whistle on immigration corruption.

Crane explained why correcting the record about Rubio’s false attacks against him are critical for Crane to be able to perform his duties as the national spokesman for approximately 6,000 ICE officers and personnel: “Because I am a whistleblower and law enforcement officer who frequently testifies before Congress, and provides information to the public by way of media interviews, it is critical to correct the public record.”

Crane explained that allowing him “to set the record straight… is the honorable thing to do.”

Rubio’s Gang of Eight immigration bill — supported by La Raza, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), and all Senate Democrats — would have added 33 million permanent immigrants on green cards in the span of one decade, or nearly 12 new permanent immigrants for every one current resident of the state of Nevada.


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