Cruz is digging himself deeper and deeper lying about Trump

“Trump still winning despite Cruz’s poor attempt and inadvertently insulting all New Yorkers / Yankees. Cruz fucked up and is still back peddling instead of moving forward. The bigger problem is the Dems bringing up the citizenship crap. Republicans failed to make it stick with Obama – Dems have more media power to make it a problem for Cruz.
Plus Cruz is not that far from “NY Values” when his wife worked for Goldman Sachs. Cruz loves those NY $$$.
Bad move by Cruz. Trump still winning.
If either Trump or Cruz makes it to the White House, America wins. Trump has the much better shot in the general election.
Trump / Wall 2016 – SCREW the GOP!”

“Hey don’t worry about it. Cruz and Rubio are getting sued by some birthers. They’ll both be disqualified by some lib judges and then we get to pop some corn and watch Trump put on his cape and try to debate the murdering ice queen who hasn’t been so much as bruised by any lawyer or court for her deeds. I hope he’s the hero you feel he is.

God help us. Seriously.”

“This is just another facet of the flawed Cruz diamond. He opened himself up to withering scrutiny with his lawyerly non-apology apology. This man is already dead politically from 2 verbal kill shots: Canadian dual citizenship, FEC campaign finance disclosures “mistakes”. The New York statements are just keeping Cruz in the spotlight to marinate and sow the seeds of doubt in people who may have been leaning to him and to educate people about Cruz’s background they would not have known.”

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