Facebook: What do people think about Trump?


“I’ve been thinking a lot about Donald Trump, people say that he doesn’t have a platform, that he just wants to make America great again. I have something to say about that, Donald Trump is not telling you his plan he’s giving you an outline. Why? Every time he brought something to the table, the other candidates take it and run. Such as immigration, the wall and other issues. I can guarantee you that he won’t give you his full plans in detail until he’s standing at the podium next to one of the Democrats. That is when he will reveal everything. He doesn’t need to do that now. Donald Trump is a visionary. He doesn’t go into business without a strategy, and a form of negotiation already set. This man is prepared in business and it will be prepared when the time is right in a debate. He is a brilliant man, and he will not reveal his hand. He doesn’t have to, he has his supporters. They believe in him, they know he could be the commander in chief and lead this country in the right direction. As far as foreign policy, you say he lacks. What I say is he knows the economy, he knows the about taxes, trade, laws, foreign values, he knows that inside and out because he’s dealt with them for so many years. Now if he hadn’t been good with dealing with the foreign market, he wouldn’t be the billionaire that he is now. He is a international brand. He knows leaders and foreign dignitaries. He is an economic genius with the skills to make this country great again. By bringing businesses back into this country and creating jobs. This will only help our economy. He would protect the United States from those who want to do us harm. He loves this country, and will do what he has to do to protect it. HE IS bold and brash, he says what he means and means what he says, and that is what we like about him so much. He will be a tough negotiator and our allies will know where he stands at all times. They know his word will mean something, and so will our enemies. This is a brilliant man who has focus and he is pragmatic. He knows how to solve problems quickly. He will surround himself with the best of the best in all branches of the government. You will not see our soldiers kneeling at the feet of Iranian, nor will you see Isis take over the world. You haven’t seen the guy work yet. All you’ve seen is a businessman turned politician before your eyes. His supporters are standing shoulder to shoulder with him and will not sway. Lobbyist and special interest groups will no longer be able to line that pockets of our Congress and Senate. Because when they do, the Senators and congressmen will pass a bills and legislation and it will be a conflict of interest to the United States. No more will you have super PACs running this country. The media can ridicule Donald Trump and his supporters all they want, But we are digging in our heels. We will not be deterred. The fact of the matter is, you think Americans are stupid. But we are the backbone of this country. Americans will determine the vote, not the special special intetest groups or the lobbiests. They will finally understand clearly. Our voices will be heard. We will support our troops and build up our military and take care of our vets. Because this administration has not had their backs, nor have they listened to our top military leaders. No longer will our military hands be tied. He will secure our borders and revamp our visa program. He will do everything in his power to keep American safe. He will call our enemies by name, radicals jihadist. There will no longer be political correctness, for it is destroying our country and dividing us. Americans are finally pulling together as one, United we stand, shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump.”

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