Huckabee Says GOP Must Unite if Trump Wins: ‘This Is an Election, Not a Selection’

HUCKABEE: “Here’s what’s happening. The establishment Republicans are all bed wetting over this and they don’t seem to understand that we have an election. Look, I just believe that at some point we need to recognize, if you want to oppose Donald Trump do it. But don’t pretend that somehow that all these voters who have gone out and voted for him are stupid. They’re not stupid. I’ll tell you what they are, they’re angry, they’re angry at the establishment who is going nuts because trump is doing well. They don’t get it that they’re the problem. They’re the problem.”

HUCKABEE: “It is so ridiculous. Let’s remember that we have an election process. Not a selection process. If we’re going to do a selection, where some party bosses get together and they close the doors, lock the doors and get behind and make the decision for us, then don’t waste our time and money going through this long, lengthy, grueling process called an election. Just anoint somebody and let’s be done with it, but that’s why we have an election. And if Donald Trump is the nominee, then I challenge Republicans to get behind him. If it’s Ted Cruz, get behind him. If it’s Marco Rubio get behind him, if it’s Ben Carson or John Kasich, that’s what we do as a party.”

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