Donald Trump on Economy and jobs


“Raising the prevailing wage paid to H-1Bs will force companies to give these coveted entry-level jobs to the existing domestic pool of unemployed native and immigrant workers in the U.S., instead of flying in cheaper workers from overseas,” wrote Trump.

Donald Trump, zingers and all, emerges as sharp H‑1B critic

Computerworld – Aug 16, 2015
“We’re bringing your business back. We’re bringing your jobs back. I love you, Ohio,” Trump roared.

Donald Trump Is Turning on John Kasich

Time – Mar 15, 2016
“It will be a tax if they don’t behave,” Trump said of China.

Live Republican debate updates: Donald Trump and rivals strike a more civil tone

Los Angeles Times – Mar 11, 2016
Not so, Mr. Trump argued, explaining that he would “start building those factories and those plants here instead of China,” thus creating more jobs.

What You Missed in the Debate

The New York Times – Mar 11, 2016
“This country is dying. And our workers are losing their jobs,” Donald Trump declared.

Why Donald Trump’s Populism Is Dangerous

The Nation – Feb 23, 2016
And last month, Trump slammed Apple’s foreign manufacturing, vowing, if elected, to make the company “start building their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries.”

Why Donald Trump’s Win Is Apple’s Loss

Fortune – Feb 21, 2016
“You see our businesses moving over to Mexico. You see other people are moving into Mexico. Mexico is going to become the next China on a smaller level,” Trump says.

Trump rally in North Augusta saw a protester thrown out and memorable quotes

WRDW-TV – Feb 17, 2016
“I will bring jobs back from China, I will bring jobs back from Japan. I will bring jobs back from Mexico,” Trump said.

GOP debate: Rubio chokes

Politico – Feb 6, 2016
“If you’re going to create 10,000 jobs for a town that’s in trouble and you need a piece of property, I’ll tell you what folks, I want to create jobs and I want to give the people that own that property more than it’s worth,” he said, suggesting a price structure at odds with the one he tried to use in 1994.

Washington Examiner: Stance on eminent domain puts Trump at odds with conservatism – Nov 9, 2015
In the Derry event referenced above, Trump went into a familiar riff: “China is killing us! They’ve taken so much of our wealth. They’ve taken our jobs. They’ve taken our businesses, they’ve taken our manufacturing.”

Donald Trump, American hustler: The frightening fascist tendencies of his GOP rise

Salon – Oct 7, 2015
Trump said the numbers will work out as long as “the economy grows the way it should grow, if I bring jobs back from China, from Japan, from Mexico, from so many countries.”

Trump hints at tax plans during ’60 Minutes’ interview

The Washington Post – Sep 27, 2015
Asked why, Trump responded, “Because it wouldn’t work, because it’s too much. You have to bring in jobs you have to take the jobs back from China, you have to take the jobs back from Mexico.”

Club for Growth vs. Trump – Sep 25, 2015
“I will create jobs like you’ve never seen,” Trump told reporters before his speech.

Trump, Clinton bring presidential messages to Arkansas

The Commercial Appeal – Jul 25, 2015
He promised to “take jobs back from Japan. I’m going to take jobs back from Mexico. I’m going to take jobs back from Vietnam.”

Former Gov. Beasley ‘very impressed’ with Trump

The Greenville News – Nov 20, 2015
In an op-ed piece in last Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal, Trump asserted that “the worst” of Beijing’s “sins” is the “wanton manipulation of China’s currency, robbing Americans of billions of dollars of capital and millions of jobs.”

Trump Is Wrong on China

Barron’s – Nov 14, 2015
“Imagine the impact that these practices have had on our weakened manufacturing base, our agriculture industry and every small business unable to compete internationally,” he wrote.

Trump: Currency manipulation ‘the worst of China’s sins’

The Hill – Nov 10, 2015
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