Donald Trump on Education



“I’m a tremendous believer in education, but education has to be at a local level. We cannot have the bureaucrats in Washington telling you how to manage your child’s education,” Trump said.

Small businesses for Trump: ‘Just get somebody different in there’

Center for Public Integrity – Feb 25, 2016
“These student loans are probably one of the only things that the government shouldn’t make money from and yet it does,” Trump wrote in his 2015 book “Crippled America.”

Trump’s 6 populist positions

Politico – Feb 13, 2016
On college debt, Trump said, ““I’m going to look into colleges. …. We’re going to do something with regard to really smart financing.”

Donald Trump’s Latest Venture: Retail Politics

Time – Feb 8, 2016
“Nothing (is) more important than higher education and education in general,” Trump said.

Trump: Christie could have ‘a place’ on my ticket

The Hill – Nov 11, 2015
“It’s the only thing the government makes money on — college students,” he said.

In Dubuque, Trump vows to unite, stresses need for right leaders

Telegraph Herald – Aug 25, 2015
“I’m not concerned about the kids growing up in wealthy communities, where high property taxes have allowed them to build great schools, hire the best teachers, and provide all the supplies they need. Those schools are doing fine,” Trump writes.

Seven things in Donald Trump’s new book you probably won’t hear at a rally

The Washington Post – Nov 3, 2015
In his chapter on education, Trump writes, “Look, I know that people both for and against school choice can roll out endless arguments showing charter schools are either very successful or make no difference at all. This is a legitimate debate.”

Trump knocks rivals, gets literary in New York

Politico – Nov 3, 2015
“I’m a tremendous believer in education, but education has to be at a local level,” Trump says to open a video he put on Facebook Tuesday.

Trump Slams US Public Schools, Pledges To Kill Common Core [VIDEO]

The Daily Caller – Jan 27, 2016
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