Oh Dear – Mark Levin Credibility Melts Like Glenn Beck Tears – Levin Family is Staffer for Senator Cruz…

There’s something initially angering that becomes very sad when a fraud is revealed.  Tonight on his radio show Mark Levin was forced to admit the son of his fiance’ is a full time staffer for Senator Ted Cruz.

After spending weeks attacking anyone who critiques candidate Ted Cruz, the motives of Mark Levin now take full sunlight.   He should be ashamed, VERY ashamed.

No, Mr. crony-constitutionalist, lying by omission is not the least bit funny.  Nor is deception toward your audience when you do not disclose your own conflicts.   Especially when we consider the hours Levin spends railing against the internecine family associations like George Will and his wife working for Scott Walker.

Crony politics is apparently alive and well amid the Mark Levin radio show. Perhaps he will tell the audience how much advertising money he takes from political campaigns?  Or more specifically entities with a vested interest in political campaigns?

Think he’ll fess up now that he’s busted?

Nah, me neither.

He’s got another book to sell…

Wow. Just Wow.

The campaign of Donald Trump continues to expose the “Decepticons”.

RNC Cans NBC After Levin Calls For Priebus Firing

Before the media circus – masquerading as a GOP Debate on CNBC – even happened, CR Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin warned it would be a train-wreck. After he was proven right, Levin called for Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee to be fired.

That message was heard loud and clear.

Today, Reince announced that the RNC was suspending their partnership with NBC for the upcoming debate on that network in February.

Levin railed on Reince and the GOP Establishment on his radio show the day after the debate:



“Hilarious hearing talk show hosts today tell us John Harwood is awful and that the media should be removed from the debate process. I have pushed for the latter for months on my show. Even before the Fox debate. They said nothing. It is about time the others in talk radio have figured it out. And only now do they condemn the RNC. Again, there should be NO MEDIA MODERATORS IN GOP DEBATES. But I will address this further on my show later today. Hope you’ll join me.”


Mark Levin’s ‘Plunder and Deceit’ — a Wake-Up Call for the Youth of America

In addition to “how high is up?” “how long is a piece of string?” “how ripe are strawberries?” and “what do women want?” one of the thorniest questions of human existence is “why do young people vote liberal/progressive/lefty?” Given the overwhelming evidence that the economics of social democracies like those in Europe and, latterly,  the United States are doomed, it’s a puzzlement. Like the Eloi in The Time Machine, young folks are being both exploited and fattened up for the slaughter. And yet they do absolutely nothing about it.

This is the subject Mark Levin — lawyer, best-selling author and national radio talk-show host — has tackled in his latest book, Plunder and Deceit. Thematically, it follows his seminal Liberty and Tyranny as an unsparing analysis of the current dire straits in which the United States of America currently finds itself. Although it’s chockablock with irrefutable statistics about the coming collapse of the American economic dream, at root it’s a book about the moral collapse of a once-great, individualistic nation, and the forfeiture of the civil-society protections the Founders so painstakingly wrote into the Constitution in favor of something that increasingly looks like centralized tyranny.

The statistics, laid out  in the book in grim detail,are horrifying: runaway entitlements, a shrinking job market, the disappearance of whole industries practically overnight, increased job competition from both legal and illegal immigration, the breakdown of the family… this is the world the Left has bequeathed our progeny, and yet they fell for Barack Obama practically en masse. Writes Levin:

Joblessness and underemployment among younger people have also changed the family dynamic, making it more difficult for young adults to leave home. For example, Pew Research reports that from 1968 to 2007 the percentage “of young adults living in their parents’ home was relatively constant [at about 32 percent]. By 2012, 36 percent of those between the ages of eighteen and thirty-one lived in their parents’ home.”

As his regular listeners know, Levin is nothing if not a constitutionalist, and his ire at the way that noble document has been corrupted practically leaps off every page of Plunder and Deceit, because he understands (quoting Montesquieu), that: “in a popular [or republican] state there must be an additional spring, which is VIRTUE. When that virtue ceases, ambition enters those hears that can admit it, and avarice enters them all…. The republic is a cast-off husk, and its strength is no more than the power of a few citizens and the license of all.” Powerful stuff, and no less true for being more than three centuries old.

Ultimately this is not merely about dreary yet didactic statistics but… about morality. The devastating consequences of wealth redistribution, intergenerational thievery, massive federal spending, endless borrowing, and unimaginable debt accumulation on American society, and most particularly on the ruling generation and future generations, are a travesty. Stealing from the future does not establish the utopia promised by the statists. It is the rising generation’s grave moral failure.

As the passages quoted above make clear, Levin’s unsparing denunciation of the parlous state into which America has fallen is not simply a radio rant, or a matter of his opinion alone. He marshals philosophers and Founders alike in his discussion:

In Federalist 51, Madison explained the essential balance between the civil society and governmental restraint: “But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections of human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.

And there, in a nutshell, is Levin’s brief against the Leviathan State — it cannot control itself. Instead, like the Thing That Devoured Cleveland, it keeps growing, arrogating unto itself more and more of everything a citizen possesses: more money, more of his property, more of his liberty. Left unchecked — and as the growing tyranny of the courts illustrates, it almost cannot be checked — it will beggar the population, consume the institutions of the nation, and leave behind only Montesquieu’s “cast-off husk.” What worse, that’s exactly what the modern Unholy Left (as I characterize it in my own new book, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace) wants.

This book is primarily addressed to the next generations, the millennials and those coming after them, who are being led down a garden path of fleurs du mal in the guise of “compassion,” “tolerance,” “fairness” and all the other familiar leftist shibboleths.

Can we simultaneously love our children but betray their generation and generations yet born? … Why do so many loving parents, as part of the ruling generation, abandon the civil society for the growing tyranny of a voracious central government that steals their children’s future, thus condemning their children and unborn generations to a dangerously precarious and unstable environment, despite a large majority acknowledging the national decline for which they blame politicians?

Answer: no, and I blame the influence of the Frankfurt School on our academics. So what is to be done?



Mark Levin: 5 Takeaways from Last Night’s Debate

1. CNN’s format was awful. The entire effort was intended to instigate fights between and among the candidates. They wanted a brawl. The early part of the debate was the worst — right out of the box, piling on Donald Trump. Like Trump or not, this is a Republican debate. As I’ve been saying for a while, when will the RNC stop turning over the GOP debates to the media? I find these debate formats demeaning of the candidates and not particularly informative.

2. Twice now Ted Cruz was treated as a third-tier candidate. He received very little time and was rarely called on. Moreover, when he tried to speak as a”skeptic” during the discussion about global warming – where Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, and Chris Christie apparently accepted the supposed “science” of global warming — Jake Tapper rudely cut him off. When Cruz had about 60 uninterrupted seconds or so to address the Iran deal debacle, he was superb. Same with the Supreme Court. There appears to be a pattern in these debate to marginalize him. Unfortunately, given the nature of these debates, he needs to become a bit more aggressive in pushing his way into the discussions.

3. Tapper repeatedly sought a fight between Jeb Bush and Trump, which is why they wound up using more time than most of the other candidates. Did we learn anything from most of it? No.

4. Going in, I believe the establishment media were poised to declare Carly Fiorina a victor over Trump and most of the field as she has become one of the establishment favorites.  The indications were everywhere. In fact, most of the same voices and writers who opposed Trump and before him Cruz are singing her praises today.  They are no longer concerned about lack of governing background of an outsider or flip-flopping, etc.  I remember in the 2010 GOP Senate primary race in California she staked out the moderate Republican position against State Representative Chuck DeVore. She didn’t sound like a traditional, Reagan conservative back then. And her response to the birthright citizenship questions were wrong and jumbled. In fact, Trump has a superior understanding of the issue. Rand Paul reluctantly had to agreed. And in that Senate campaign, Fiorina mocked Barbara Boxer’s looks (understandable), a fact ignored by Tapper last night.  Why?  The audio is public. Finally, her record as a corporate CEO is mixed. But do not expect it to be scrutinized by her cheerleaders in and out of the media. But the Democrats won’t ignore it. Let me be clear: I have nothing against Fiorina, but there’s reason to be at least a little skeptical.

5. I thought Chris Christie did pretty well. He’s a good debater. But the problem is that his record belies much of his more recent conservative rhetoric and positions. Mike Huckabee always scores some solid points but, again, his record is shoddy (e.g., he supported virtually every GOP establishment candidate in recent Senate primary races).  I remain perplexed as to why John Kasich belatedly jumped into the race. He has become more liberal than GOP primary voters and there were already a number of establishment candidates in the race. I like Ben Carson very much; however, his position on the minimum wage was not particularly strong. And his delivery is, sadly, problematic. There’s a middle ground between loudly provocative and speaking in such quiet tones. That said, I personally like him very much. Rand Paul did much better this time around in staking out his more libertarian views. But, again, his attack-dog tactics against Trump don’t help him.  Scott Walker is a solid conservative with a record to prove it. He did better in this debate but he doesn’t shine in these debate formats.  Conversely, Marco Rubio does well in these debate formats. And he is solid on a number of issues. However, for many it is difficult to get past his varying positions on immigration, which is an overriding issue for many conservatives. Jeb Bush did better in this debate as well, but he is still under-performing. In fact, many in the establishment media who were touting Bush are today cheerleaders for Fiorina. Had Bush scored well they’d be touting him. If his name was not Bush, he would have been in the earlier debate yesterday. Finally, Trump came under an early withering assault, which was the game plan of both CNN and several of the other candidates. For the most part, he withstood the attacks. I may be in the minority but I thought he bested Fiorina on their back-and-forth about business acumen and birthright citizenship. In any event, he did no harm. And for a front runner, at least for now, that’s a good enough night.


Mark Levin: Democrats ‘Will Have Blood On Their Hands’ For Supporting Iran Deal

Stop Iran Deal Rally. Washington D.C.  9/9/2015

Nationally-renowned author and Conservative talk show host Mark Levin sent a defiant message to GOP leadership Wednesday afternoon at the Stop Iran rally at Capitol Hill.

In his fiery speech, Levin demanded they do more to stop the deal. He also took aim at Democrat leadership in both the legislative branch and the White House, suggesting that the Iran deal shows how far to the left the Democratic Party has fallen.

“Never before has a President of the United States. Never before has a political party consented to funding and arming the enemy. Never before has a President entered into agreements with a terrorist regime that holds American hostages; that has killed and maimed thousands of American soldiers, and that seeks nuclear weapons and ICBMs (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles)  to attack his own country,” said Levin.

“Barack Obama makes Neville Chamberlain look like George S. Patton,” the former Reagan staffer added.
Levin highlighted the dangers involved if the deal were to be implemented in Congress.

“This phony deal allows the Iranian terrorist regime to inspect its own nuclear sites; to continue uranium enrichment; to build advanced centrifuges; to perfect their ICBMS; to spend $150 billion dollars on terrorism, and in the end, to secure nuclear warheads,” he said.

He then had some choice words for the Democratic Party.

“As one Democrat after another… supports this surrender, It’s clear that the Democrats no longer represent the party of Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy. It’s now the Democrat Party of Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama,” said the nationally-syndicated conservative talk radio host.

“The Democrat Party will have blood on their hands as a result of this deal for the rest of time. And let me be clear, this deal sows the seeds of war.”

He focused on the threat posed by a rogue and radical Iranian regime. “The enemy is emboldened, and the enemy will be well-armed and seek regional and world domination.”

“How do we know” that Iran is so ill-intentioned, Levin asked. “They told us so.”

Levin urged Republicans to stand up against the agreement, recommending that GOP leadership take the scaffolding set-up for the ongoing repairs of the Capitol Building and “use it on their damn spines.”

“The Republican Party, particularly their leadership, has abandoned the Constitution and the Treaty Power of the United States Senate. It is recklessly and deliberately avoiding any serious confrontation with a disastrous imperial president. They can stop this,” he said. “They can invoke the Treaty Clause right now. They can suspend the filibuster rule and vote against lifting sanctions right now. They can stand between Obama and the Iranian terrorist regime and protect our nation and our allies, but they won’t. Gone is the party of Dwight D. Eisenhower; gone is the party of Ronald Reagan.

“Instead we get the party of [Senator Mitch] McConnell and [Senator Bob] Corker and [Speaker of The House] Boehner,” Levin added, as the audience voiced their disapproval with GOP leadership. “Tell Republicans: this is not about getting along with Obama, it’s about stopping Obama. It’s about Americans’ interests. It’s about our children and the future generations.”

“And a final word: Let me warn the 7th-century throwbacks who like to chant ‘Death to America’ in their home country. We Americans have been threatened by better than you. We Americans have been threatened by forces far stronger than you, and we’ve obliterated every damn one of them,” he concluded, as the audience applauded and broke out into chants of “U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A.”

Mark Levin explains how Republicans should RESPOND to Obama’s drivel about gun control

Today Obama gave a statement in regard to the horrible shooting of a local TV reporter and her cameraman this morning in Roanoke, saying “what we know is that the number of people who die from gun related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism.

Levin, responding to this statement tonight, said that every time some peice of crap kills innocent people, Democrats want to round up the weapons!

He’s right, it happens every time there’s a shooting and well before we know any of the facts.

Levin wants to know why we can’t have Republicans out there who respond to this drivel like this, saying there is a way to reduce gun violence and it’s called law and order! Levin says we should back the cops rather than undermine them, appoint solid law and order judges and throw the book at criminals! That’s how Republicans should respond!

There’s much more

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